Extraterrestrial Reunion {Closed}


It’s a rather strange thought when one realizes that aliens from all over the universe are staying on Earth. Sure, there are supernatural creatures, such as vampires and werewolves, but that’s to be expected. Aliens, on the other hand, typically don’t have a humanoid form, so learning that there are aliens hiding amongst the human population makes you wonder just who, and what, you’ve made friends with. 

It seems though, that ever alien has a mistake of flaw in their disguise, and if you know what you’re looking for then it shouldn’t be hard to pick them out from the population. That’s why, when he heard from on of his paranormal human friends that there was a blue human taking a tour of the city he was staying in, he couldn’t help but be curious.

Not even he was able to spot other aliens sometimes, but this particular species caused a little bit of nostalgia for Alic. Could it be…? The alien of course had to check the situation out, so with much haste he traveled towards the predicted path of the obvious alien. Maybe he’d catch a glimpse of him!


     A flawed disguise was putting it lightly. Houston may have had
     the ability to change shape and some other basic appearance
     differences, but changing the color of his skin? Impossible. He
     was stuck blue forever and only excessive amounts of costume
     paint could change that, which he didn’t appear all that interested
     in getting. That, or he was still unaware of it’s existence. Either way
     it meant Houston was still floating around looking as blue as ever.

     And sure enough, there the alien was. Houston was floating
     around in midair, hardly seeming to notice any of his surroundings
     at all. His arms were crossed behind his head and white bangs of
     his wig were pushed back. In fact, it was a miracle the thing hadn’t
     fallen off. He was blissfully unaware of his surroundings, eyes closed
     and facing the sun. Simply enjoying himself, as always.


Above us, only stars. Below us, only stars. To all sides, only stars. Inside us, only stars.
Welcome to Night Vale (via aheroicdeath)



              “Do you by any chance know how us
               Earthlings put the bubbly bits in the
               water?” Not even once would she
               let the opportunity pass to give any-
               one a science lesson. She tried not
               to notice how she was speaking to
               an extra-terrestrial.


      “Aha… ha ha ha!” He shook the drink around
       in his hand, pretending to have the slightest
       clue what he was doing, though he really
       didn’t. “No…. Not a clue! I don’t suppose
       that you know?” 


"Aғтer αll, ιт'ѕ вeттer тo вe αɴyтнιɴɢ вυт α 
                              v i c t i m  .”

> indie serial killer/dissociative identity disorder oc
> NSFW & trigger warning
> single-verse/ship
> crack/one-liner/para/novella/all that
> 10 months of rping experience
> not all that selective; willing to give anyone a shot tbh
> lit third-person, past tense
> still WIP
> icons & small text
> i apologize for him in advance
> love him

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           Houston gasps loudly and stares!
           They just stepped on ant! Should he
           say something?! He’s not sure so he
           just floats there and stares in shock.


                 He clasps his hands together and smiles
                 all wide, floating right on over the koopa’s
                 head. “The spikes on your shell are looking
                 more brilliant than ever before!”


                “So, some Earthlings like this fizzy water!
                 It has a bunch of bubbles that come up!”
                He’s in awe and can’t take his eyes off it.


          “I’ll give you something good to celebrate!”
           Don’t mind the blue alien floating along 
           over her head, he hasn’t even noticed 
           her yet. Just singing to himself.


          “Clowns, huh?! I hear they’re silly little
           things with big shoes and red noses!
           There are these things called
           documentaries about them!”

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