” —————- SureA magic trick.
       A uh. An ancient one. Just gotta
       find out how to… cast… the spell… “

   Whatever. The guy seemed to be coöperating,
   and that was all Vent cared about. 
   maliciously, he began to rub his hands toge-
   ther, preparing himself for his daily snack, though
   this time perhaps a lot more special!

        Good boy, just stay still. Might sting
            a li’lllll, but you’ll be a-okay. The ice 
            will be buzzzzzzing through your 

   And he put his hands behind his back, folding
   them together so they weren’t in the way. Leaning
   forward, he took a sniff from his neck. Exotic! What
   a treat! Soon, he drilled his two teeth in the blue
   neck, quickly sucking from the holes with his lips
   pressed against the skin. It didn’t take too long, just
   a few seconds. It was the next step that took just a
   little longer.

                        Injecting the itchy poison.

          Ice in his body? Well, that sounded twice as effective
          as swallowing the ice cubes one by one to cool himself
          off. Time would tell if it would go as nicely as it sounded,
          or anything like that at all. Big surprise, the cooling sensation
          never came, though he did feel a bit more drained!

          Instead, in addition to the burning in his mouth, he was
          left with less of his blueberry blood, and an itching sensation
          in it’s place. “That doesn’t feel cold at all! Knock it off!” The
          alien swatted at his cheek like he was some kind of bug.
           A fly, even. A mosquito. “What in the galaxy was that?!”

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"It happens to be a pigeon.
                  Wonderful creatures, aren’t they?
                  Anything more you need to know about Earth?

            “Ah, pigeons come in all shapes and sizes,
                     hm? Pretty things! Come here, pigeon!”

        But no luck. No matter how much he floats
        around chasing it, he can’t get the thing to
        land on him!

             ”Plenty! I want to learn everything there
              is about Earth while I’m here. I’ve been
              thinking about starting a travel guide,
              you know.”


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      What a weak, weak, weaklittle guy. Blue,
      too. Very pretty color. Bright. Wasn’t pain,
      he could smell that much. It made him think
      of a blueberry. Would it taste the same? As
      sweet? Maybe————-

      Dang it, the thing was talking. Asking for ice.

         ” ……… If you close your eyes, and tilt your
            head, I’ll give you some, okay? Trust me,
            It’zzzzzzzzzall gonna be okay.

          “That doesn’t make any sense! Is it
              some kind of magic trick, or what?”

                       He’s not so dumb to believe him,
                       but he’s hopeful and desperate
                       enough to think he’ll have some
                       other useful alternative up his
                       sleeve! Placing limited faith in
                       strangers hadn’t killed him yet,
                       so might as well give it a go.
                       Spitting off to the side and shaking
                       his head, he tilts his head and
                       closes his eyes.

h ow does houst on f LIRT if he has the ch ance hmmmm - wriggles brows.

haha GOOD QUESTION because Houston’s generally not much of a playboy!!!! He is a pretty casual go with the flow kind of alien. I’D SAY IF WERE TRYING TO PROPERLY WOO SOMEONE it would go like a 90s movie. Fly outside their window with a boombox and hope they don’t tell him to buzz off. Take them dancing on Saturn’s rings or something!! WOO ‘em



█ ▐「 ❦ 」      ;

Smiles, and then giggles.

” It’s a butterfly!———-

                   and don’t move! Stay still— and it’ll come to you. I promise. ”

                     ”Are you sure?”

         Nonetheless, he takes the advice and pauses
         mid-air, humbly levitating there with eyes locked
         on the insect.

                       ”Is a butterfly a type of bird?
                        I mean, it has wings and flies!”

          One day he’d get it. One day.

"Ah—— I dunno, sugar. But uh, why were you eating poison? If ya wanna get hot and sweaty, you should’ve just said so. Got a million, less painful ways to get to that." At least, he didn’t think an itchy bite was as bad as a burning tongue.

        “I didn’t know it was poison! I thought it—”
        He takes a pause to roll out his tongue
        and wipe at it with his hands, as if that’ll
        making the burning sensation stop.

        “I don’t want to be hot and sweaty! Where’s ice?!”

             ”Is this a bird?”

                      It’s not a bird, but a butterfly!
                      The alien is floating around it,
                      trying to get the pretty thing to
                      land on his finger, but so far
                      no dice. Educate him.